Fashion Collection – Velvet Radical

Fashion Collection

14k Gold Diamond Bezel Chain Dangle Stud Earrings ME00069


14k gold wave design diamond necklace MN0752


14K beaded gold cushion swiss blue topaz necklace MN0783


14k beaded gold swiss blue topaz fashion ring MR4988

From $656.00 - $696.00

14k floating emerald & diamond necklace MN71749E


14K crescent moon emerald & diamond charm pendant MP3235E


14K crescent moon opal & diamond charm pendant MP3235OP


14K emerald and diamond ear climber ME27554E


14K blue sapphire and diamond ear climber ME27554BS


14K ruby and diamond ear climber ME27554R


14k gold beaded emerald fashion stack ring SR38281E

From $595.00 - $625.00

14k gold beaded sapphire fashion stack ring SR38281s

From $500.00 - $530.00

14k gold beaded ruby fashion stack ring SR38281R

From $500.00 - $530.00

14k gold art deco diamond pave necklace MN2229


14k gold oval hematite necklace MN71567HN


14k Gold Art Deco Inspired Diamond Semi Mount Ring MR4711

From $1,260.00 - $1,290.00

14K kite white topaz & diamond lariat necklace MN71598WT


18k gold diamond butterfly fashion dangle earrings CCE1001


14K Brushed Gold Diamond Fashion Stack Ring SCR-1005

From $1,384.00 - $1,414.00

14K Brushed Gold Diamond Fashion Stack Ring SCR-1004

From $1,384.00 - $1,414.00

14K Beaded Gold Diamond Wedding, Fashion, Stack Ring SR35332D

From $598.00 - $628.00

14k gold double crescent moon diamond necklace MN0753


14k gold diamond fashion open 3 stone stack ring MR4891

From $546.00 - $576.00

14k gold diamond fashion stack ring MR4886

From $648.00 - $678.00

14k gold beaded diamond fashion stack ring MR4884WY

From $628.00 - $684.00

14k gold beaded bypass diamond fashion ring MR4885WY

From $628.00 - $658.00

14K beaded frame blue topaz stud earrings ME2431BT


14K beaded frame diamond cluster stud earrings ME2430


14k mother of pearl vertical bar necklace MN71555MP


14k mother of pearl vertical bar necklace MP15354MP


14K kite black opal & diamond lariat necklace MN71598


14k gold bead wedding band stack ring SRBEAD

From $300.00 - $360.00

14k gold mother of pearl, ruby & diamond fashion ring MR4880

From $2,880.00 - $2,910.00

14k gold Ethiopian opal tear drop fashion ring MR4881

From $1,596.00 - $1,626.00

14k gold marquise shape Ethiopian opal & diamond necklace MN3437


14k gold Ethiopian opal & diamond necklace MN3348


14k gold Ethiopian opal fashion ring MR4892

From $962.00 - $988.00

14k gold open star charm pendant MP45663


14k gold irregular oval shape stud opal and diamond earrings ME26914


14K irregular trillion opal and Diamond Necklace MN71694


14k gold sapphire doublet fashion ring OR3DBS

From $960.00 - $980.00

14k gold ruby doublet fashion ring OR2DBR

From $960.00 - $980.00

14k gold emerald doublet fashion ring OR1DBE

From $960.00 - $980.00

14k gold emerald flexible tennis bracelet BR1E

From $2,260.00 - $2,660.00

14k gold pink sapphire flexible tennis bracelet BR1PS

From $2,092.00 - $2,492.00

14k gold blue sapphire flexible tennis bracelet BR1BS

From $2,276.00 - $2,676.00

14k gold ruby flexible tennis bracelet BR1R

From $2,276.00 - $2,676.00

14k gold diamond flexible tennis bracelet BR1D

From $2,780.00 - $3,180.00

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