Semi-Precious: Opal – Velvet Radical

Semi-Precious: Opal

14k elongated triangle opal and diamond necklace MN24363OP


14k gold elongated oval shape opal and diamond necklace MN26193OP


14k gold baguette shape opal and diamond necklace MN23751OP


14k gold marquise shape opal and diamond necklace MN25072OP


14K crescent moon opal & diamond charm pendant MP3235OP


14K kite black opal & diamond lariat necklace MN71598


14k gold Ethiopian opal tear drop fashion ring MR4881

From $1,596.00 - $1,626.00

14k gold marquise shape Ethiopian opal & diamond necklace MN3437


14k gold Ethiopian opal & diamond necklace MN3348


14k gold Ethiopian opal fashion ring MR4892

From $962.00 - $988.00

14k gold irregular oval shape stud opal and diamond earrings ME26914


14K irregular trillion opal and Diamond Necklace MN71694


14K Marquise Opal & Diamond Stack Ring MR71675OP

From $590.00 - $620.00

14k oval shape black onyx halo necklace MN71678OX


14k gold opal kite dangle earrings ME23796OP


14K Gold Diamond Halo Opal Stud Earring ME22501OP


14K Gold Round Halo Diamond & Opal MN22498OP


14K Round Halo Diamond & Opal Necklace MN22501OP


14k gold art deco opal and diamond dangle earrings ME26197OP

From $1,548.00 - $1,956.00

14k gold split band halo oval opal engagement ring FR293

From $1,790.00 - $1,820.00

14k gold diamond shape opal dangle earrings ME71675OP


14k oval shape blue opal halo necklace MN71678OP


14k Gold delicate diamond shape opal necklace MN71675OP


14k halo trillion opal diamond fashion ring MR31652OP

From $950.00 - $980.00

14k gold diamond trillion opal fashion ring MR31660

From $932.00 - $962.00

14k gold morganite opal fashion ring MR4466

From $1,676.00 - $1,706.00

14K Gold Diamond Hexagon Opal Stud Earring ME2993OP


14K Gold Halo Diamond Opal Stud Earring ME2884OP


14K Polygon Black Opal Diamond Necklace ON2BOP


14K Oval Opal and Diamond Necklace MN71678


14K Kite Black Opal & Diamond " Y " Necklace MN2378


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