Necklaces And Pendants: Classics – Velvet Radical

Necklaces And Pendants: Classics

14K pave mini butterfly necklace MN47676


14K pave mini flower pendant MP47672


14K pave mini butterfly pendant MP47673




14k emerald green amethyst, turquoise & diamond necklace MN0755YAMG


14k emerald cut blue topaz, turquoise & diamond necklace MN0755YBT


14k round turquoise, geen amethyst & diamond necklace MN0756YAMG


14k gold wave design diamond necklace MN0752


14K crescent moon emerald & diamond charm pendant MP3235E


14K crescent moon opal & diamond charm pendant MP3235OP


14k gold art deco diamond pave necklace MN2229


14k gold oval hematite necklace MN71567HN


14k gold double crescent moon diamond necklace MN0753


14k gold open star charm pendant MP45663


14k gold pink amethyst & diamond pendant MP45623AM


14k gold yellow citrine & diamond pendant MP45628CT


14k gold pink white topaz & diamond pendant MP45626WT


14k gold pink amethyst & diamond pendant MP45626AM


14k gold turquoise and diamond art deco necklace MN71558TQ


14k Oval halo green tourmaline & diamond necklace MN31591GT


14K Pink Amethyst and Diamond Charm Pendant MP25308PA


14K Gold Round Halo Diamond & Turquoise MN22498TQ


14K Gold Round Halo Diamond & Opal MN22498OP


14K Gold Round Halo Diamond & Onyx Necklace MN22498OX


14K Gold Round Halo Diamond & Lapis Necklace MN22498LP


14K Round Halo Diamond & Onyx Necklace MN22501OX


14K Round Halo Diamond & Opal Necklace MN22501OP


14K Round Halo Diamond & Lapis Necklace MN22501LP


14K Round Halo Diamond & Turquoise Necklace MN22501TQ


14K Gold Black Onyx Horizontal Hexagon Bar Necklace MN71557OX


14K Gold Pink Amethyst and Diamond Ornate Pendant Necklace MP1331AM


14k Gold cushion diamond pave necklace ON3D


14k trillion diamond pave necklace ON1D


14k octagon diamond pave necklace ON2D


14k gold cushion hematite & diamond pendant MP31356HM


14k Oval halo white topaz & diamond necklace MN31591


14k Round halo white topaz & diamond necklace MN31590


14k kite diamond pave lariat necklace MN71439


14k three disc diamond pave lariat necklace MN71438


14k gold three trillion diamond pave discs lariat necklace MN71437


14k Unique interlocking double oval diamond pendant P4021


14k two tone interlocking diamond necklace MN2940


14K Lapis and Diamond Charm Pendant MP25308


14K Pink Amethyst Drop Charm Necklace MP25074


14k Pink Mother of Pearl Art Deco Pendant MP24913




14k Gold Diamond Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Charm Pendant MP00013


14k gold black onyx and diamond necklace MN71559OXY


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